Anton Martens was born on 15 February 1955 in Haren, The Netherlands. It is from Hans Deuss and Johfra that he learned the technique of 'glazing', which is the art of applying paint, layer by layer, in very thin coats. He only works in natural light and with oil paints.

Fantastic and magical elements play an important role in Anton’s life. There is no such thing as coincidence. Every "accidental" meeting or event is a gift that must be transformed into a positive experience. He has soon developed his own recognizable style. A recurring element in his work is the mystic rose. Anton Martens doesn’t see himself as a surrealist or a magical realistic painter, but more as a painter of moods.

Influential predecessors include the “Pre-Rafholites “, Waterhouse, Turner and not to forget G. F. Watts. Music is another important element to come in the right state of mind. Anton is inspired by the works of Justin Hayward, Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush, Daniel Sahuleka, Frida Boccara and Ennio Morricone inspires Anton. And of course his residence in Harlingen, a picturesque port city on the beautiful Waddenzee, is another important factor in his portrayal of emotions. Just look at his wonderful work  “Inspiration by the sea”.


His exhibitions are well received. Anton’s works have been widely displayed, including  in London , Glastonbury, Brussels, Brindisi, Amsterdam and many other places in the Netherlands. 

Commissions are possible.

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